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Monthly Maintenance Plans

Let us take care of it for you!


$ 150 / Month

Best for you Small Home

2 Persons

Each Hour

Lawn Fertilising

3 times / Month

Garden Clearance

2 times / Week


3 times / week

Free Consultation 2 times / Month


$ 400 / Month

Best for your Medium Company or Home

4 Persons

Each Hour

Lawn Fertilising

6 times / Month

Garden Clearance

5 times / Week


7 times / week

Free Consultation 2 times / Month


$ 700 / Month

Best for your Large Company or Large Property

8 Persons

Each Hour

Lawn Fertilising

Every Month

Garden Clearance

Every Day


Every Day

Free Consultation 2 times / Month

Project Pricing and Approximate Completion Times

Below is a partial list of service prices, for a more complete quote use the contact form
Service Price RangeEstimated Time
Garden Cleaning$45 - $704 HoursLEARN MORE
Soil Irrigation $60 - $100 10 Hours LEARN MORE
Waste Removal $50 - $70 2 Hours LEARN MORE
Tree Cleaning $25 / Tree 3 Hours LEARN MORE
Turfing$35 / Square Meter 4-8 Hours LEARN MORE
New Plants $55 / Square Meter 4 Hours LEARN MORE
Sandstone Paving $75 / Square Meter 10 Hours LEARN MORE
Block Paving $45 / Square Meter 10 Hours LEARN MORE
Build a Garden Path $80 / Square Meter 8 Hours LEARN MORE
Build a Decked Area $200 / Square Meter 18 Hours LEARN MORE
Architectural Design and Planning $450 / Project 15 Hours LEARN MORE
Commercial Maintenance Services $700 / Location 7 Hours LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked & Questions

Here we answer all of the common questions and concerns


If you are interested in signing up for any of our services then simply fill out the contact form and submit it. Additionally you can also call us directly to ask more questions or set up a time to discuss which services you would like to have for your residence or commercial property.

Normally we will follow up with a call or email automatically to set up the planning stage or discuss services. Things like scheduling and general customer onboarding takes place in these calls/ emails. If you are looking for a much more complex project rather than a one time or scheduled maintenance service then the process is a little longer but mostly the same.
We get this question often, mostly what we can do is show you pictures of designs and sit down and have a discussion about what you like and what you don’t like. In this strategy design phase we can usually offer suggestions that can help our designers come up with a working design that you approve of while making sure any other considerations have been looked at.
We are fully equipped with all the appropriate tools to getting the job done. It is good to have a working water source set up so that our team can hook up water lines. If you need help with this please ask about our irrigation services.
Absolutely, depending on the size of your location or how many locations you need serviced you may opt for a one-time service or a recurring service. Working out a custom plan for your business is also very easy just contact our office by phone or email to change or add a standard service plan or custom service plan.
No, you are free to be out on a trip or work. If you are not going to be home during the scheduled maintenance times please be aware of a few important considerations. Our team will need to have access to the property, however you wish to set this up is fine. Water is a very important aspect and our team will need to have access to a water source. Please have all of your design and project plans finalized prior to the team coming out to initiate the beginning of the project or scheduled maintenance. If you would like to be present to oversee our work then that is also fine as well!
it is always recommended that big dogs be put into the house while scheduled maintenance or projects are being completed. Not only does this help to protect our team and make the area easier to work in more effectively but it also makes sure that nothing happens to your pets during the project.
Most likely we do, however it is best to just check by calling or emailing about the specific service that you are looking for and someone from our team will be happy to help you figure out a way to help you.
We try to make it very easy and convenient for our customers to cancel services or make changes to any existing arrangements. Just call us or email us with your concerns and we will address them immediately. You can always cancel at any time for any reason.
Bend, Oregon gets alot of snow in the winter. If you are currently signed up under a monthly recurring plan then removing snow in the winter and leaves in the fall is already covered!

Why It's Easy To Sign Up

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Do you Have Some Questions ?

If you just have a few small jobs and don’t want to pay per month it’s better to go with service pricing. However, if you have larger property, recurring needs every month or a commercial property it is much better to go with the package pricing plans.
Just take a look and decide what you are interested in purchasing and use the contact form including which services you are interested in. Our team will follow you up with a email or phone call and start your onboarding process.
You are always able to switch between the plans whenever you want for any reason. All you need to do is give us a call or send us a email requesting which plan you want to have.
Canceling your plan is very straightforward and easy to do. You are allowed to cancel your plan at anytime for any reason. Simply call or email our customer service and request to cancel your plan.